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Manly Project 11

Semi-detached terrace, existing house remodel and additional storey

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This project arose from a family’s desire to reinvigorate their cottage family home in the centre of Manly with light and openness. The house, in its original form, was a typical semi-detached terrace where the spaces were small and confined and arranged in a tunnel like fashion. With the use of double height voids and two storey glazed facades, we were able to create a floating first floor and allow light to filter through all living areas. What results is a thoughtful contemporary addition whilst the cottage street typography is retained. The split roof with clerestory glazing and roof skylights allow light to pour in from every surface and facade; bringing an abundance of light and openness to the home.
We were blown away with the meticulous attention to detail and the care MJK put into our build which resulted in the house of our dreams becoming a reality. A big thanks to the whole team at MJK who were professional and considerate of our neighbours throughout and a special mention to our MJK foreman Michael who has the patience of a saint. We knew we were in safe hands with MJK and couldn’t be happier with the finished result.

- Russell & Kate