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Your vision we can deliver. Our solutions focused team with their combined years of experience rise to any challenge. We love nothing more than over delivering on your vision for your home.


New builds excite us, the prospect of having a clean slate to create innovative living spaces to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of families and investors really motivates us.  Our team prides  itself on our ability to bring your vision to life. Clients have praised our expertise in adapting to their often-changing ideas. We are always looking to realise efficiencies and to sharpen design features throughout the build.


Having completed multiple duplex projects in the Manly/Balgowlah area we understand the complexities but also the many benefits that come from such projects. Duplex projects present different challenges to a build but also economies of scale. We have built some very successful duplex projects that have maximised returns for clients within the beaches area. There is nothing better than building twin projects whilst seeing how they are styled and changed to an individual’s taste.


Providing for a growing family, intergenerational living, changing the flow and design to suit, maximising rental return or to capture a stunning view there are many reasons for changing up a home.

MJK has a high level of expertise and a proven track record in this area. We love creating a modern extension to the back on a heritage home blending seamlessly as if it was always there… Or reworking an exisiting floor plan to ensure that it works for how you want to live. Our experience helps us to always challenge and make further suggestions as we build always considering the future use of the home to ensure it works for years to come


AT MJK Building we thrive on working with and exploring new material choices.

We have recently built a large duplex development utilising Cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels for the entire structure.


CLT is a timber product that can replace concrete and steel in modern construction. As buildings become more sustainable and timber structures grow larger, CLT has become a popular solution for floors, roofs, walls, and stairs due to its strength, appearance, and versatility also offering speedier build times.